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Difference, Quality and Trust

MAXIMUM BOARD is the brand of Farkol Reklam which started out with the slogan ‘’ to be different’’ in 2011. The main goal of farkol, which targets quality and trust in all its operations, is the difference. It has always been a reliable company in the automotive main industry and sub-industry.

Quick, Strong and Solution-Oriented

Provides professional solutions with fast production with its expert staff in the field. Powerful production and fast production and delivery ensures customer satisfaction.The factory can determine the needs and offer different options with alternative panels.

Expertise and Targets

Since 2011 we have been expert with hundreds of boards. We have gained great experience from our work. We've added innovation with our experience. Our team of experts is engaged in the best quality. Ours goal is to be a worldwide brand on the board.

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About Us

Delivery Steps


Maximum board mail address is sent with the request of the board or simple drawing


Our company prepares the purchase order and send by e- mail


After the approved purchase orde, the design is prepared

Delivery Method

Delivery forms and shipping are spoken between two companies

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Our Latest Works

5S Information Boards

It is a workplace organization method which consists of five steps, named after the initials of five Japanese words. 5S implementation is the most effective tool in the systematic implementation, management and continuity of industrial order, layout and cleaning. The 5S application should be the first step in improving the workplace environment. It is not just a cleaning activity. Increasing workplace control, increasing productivity and preventing losses is a simple and effective method. It supports the continuous improvement activities carried out in organizations and forms the basis for these studies.

5S board is very important in factory visuals. Motivates employees with pre and post visuals reports what needs to be.They are used to put the work area in a more regular and proper format. Gives information about classification, order, cleanliness, standardization and education. All of our product types can be magnetic, with needle and with file hanger. We produce quality boards with different metalyes.

T-Card Boards

T- Card systematics aims to make the management team observe in the field of work, to communicate with the employees there, to share their knowledge and to perform on-site instruction. According to Hitoshi Takeda, the source of human errors is due to insufficient and nonexistent standard job descriptions. With T-Card, the recovery points in the system have been improved and the errors are corrected. it is a system where information flow is provided by dropping the card from the boxes.İt can be different materials. Plexi, aluminum and stainless can be materials such as.
T card boards are important for visual management.

Planning Boards

Planning for organizations is to determine the tasks and timing of the resources of the organization in order to achieve the corporate objectives. Companies can make daily weekly and monthly plans.You can see years plan in ours web site. In this context, "Resources" means purchasing, production, sales, finance, human resources, etc. facilities, machinery, equipment, equipment, materials and employees involved in the tasks that play a role in fulfilling all corporate functions.

Kanban Boards

There is an information system that controls the production of required products in the required amount and time in each of the processes within both the factory and between different companies. This information system is called the kanban system. Visualizing the workflow, setting WIP limits, managing flow, providing clear policies and collaborative improvements will take your process beyond what you can think of. Don't forget to organize regular feedback meetings, all these parts together will reveal the true strength of Kanban.This system can be activated with Kanban visual it is used continuously in visual management systems boards. These panels are made of aluminum, plexiglass and different metals. With uv printing on whiteboard, it is easily divided into sections.

Fifo Boards

First in, first out is the most commonly used method. The first product entering the stock must be sent first to production or shipment. Fifo and Lifo have become a quality target for a company. For some sectors it is legally required. In addition, if the SKT (expiration date) is an important criterion for a firm, it may be costly to do wrong operation. No company wants to lose a customer by sending a product that has expired. Fifo companies follow them with visual panels. It is indicated in detail in the panels. It is the indispensable panel of visual management.

Kaizen Boards

Japanese Kai: Change, Zen: means better than good. Kaizen, which is formed by the merger of these two words, means esi continuous improvement that encompasses everyone. This word also refers to a philosophy and a way of life: eyi to make continuous efforts at home, in the workplace and in social life so that each day is better than the previous day.The source of continuous improvement process is Kaizen philosophy. Continuous improvement process; everyone who works as a thought and a behavior, to open the discussion and then to discuss the situation is to find ways to improve. What was done? What does he do? What is the program? Used in visual factory management.Magnetic, file hangers and blackboard shaped.

KPI Boards

The targets are to be reached. The panels of the individual sections of each section are written. Is your goal special? Can you measure the process towards your goal? Is the target really reachable? How appropriate is your goal to your organization? What is your time span to achieve this goal? The main means of visual management are visual boards. People come together in front of these boards, see, understand and act. Used in many visual management.

Health and Safety Boards

Boards with occupational safety warnings. Documents or alerts are inserted into the file.The occupational safety and health department creates these documents. It consists of at least six documents related to safety and health. The files are made of plexiglass or transparent file. Visual management, which gives importance to the hospital, this board is used in factories. All of our product types can be magnetic, with needle and with file hanger.

Improvement Boards

Continuous improvement consists of three processes. Continuous improvement, Regulatory activities, Preventive activities.
Continuous improvement covers everyone working in the company. increase productivity,new product desing, full time production, zero error, customer requests and suggestions.e.t.c.
Continuous improvement gives priority to the process, it is a management system that supports the efforts of people towards the process. No process, no flow is so perfect that little improvement can be made. It is the duty of everyone, especially those who work in the search for improvement opportunities. It is expressed with different graphic works on the whiteboard. Graphic work can come ready from the company or we do a proper work for the company.

OEE Boards

OEE is Tpm account. Faults fall on losses such as equipment settings, downtimes, reductions in operating speed, scrap and rework. Objectives; to focus on improving the performance of machinery and equipment available to companies. Availability ratio, Performance ratio, Quality ratio.

OEE= Availability ratio x Performance ratio x Quality ratio

For automated production with intelligent technological machines, oee account is a must. TPM calculation is of great importance in order to ensure that the number and amount to be realized are produced correctly at the end of the year. In this way, no deficits occur at the end of the year without any unnoticed and regular production continues in a balanced manner. This is especially important in the case of fabricated productions, which produce fast and rapid production.

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